We Do your Inbound Marketing

Monthly Plan Services

Blog and Article Writing

Experienced writers who understand your industry will craft a steady-stream of blogs designed to attract and stimulate your ideal buyer. Graphic designers will create the visuals for the blog and social promotion within your brand standards.

Social Media Management

Your social media guru will manage your social presence across platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn with up to 6 posts per weekday. Your social presence will always be fresh and consistent with a blend of promotional, educational, and curated posts.

Premium Content

Blogs and social media posts attract visitors to your website. But, you also need a mix of other content formats such as case studies, infographics, and slide presentations. Each quarter, Mashy Credits are allocated to your account so you can purchase the additional marketing services you need.

Analytics and Reporting

Our social media and Google Analytics reports are beautiful and easy-to read. They show top-level metrics, statistics, and progress. They are delivered weekly and monthly so everyone on the team can see how inbound is performing.

Project Fee Services

Website Design

Power your new or redesigned website with inbound strategy,
marketing automation, and CRM that delivers across all devices.

Inbound Strategy

A roadmap to achieve your inbound goals that starts with an
assessment to see what is working for you and your competitors.

How to Build a Content Marketing Machine

How to Build a Content Marketing Machine

Content is the lifeblood of website traffic. Content is the path to new leads. Content is integral to getting leads to buy. Learn why content marketing is so important and how you can start building your own content marketing machine, whether you do it yourself or outsource it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Inbound Marketing right for my industry?

Maybe. If you think about how your customers buy your product or service, if there is some degree of education that needs to happen, then the answer is probably yes. If the sales cycle is longer than a week, then the answer is probably yes. If you are selling a product or service that needs no explanation on how it works or benefits the customer, then the answer is likely no. We can help you find out the answer if you are unsure.

My industry is complicated or technical. How will Mashy be able to create content for my company?

By the way, we are technical too. We know about the technology industry and service businesses. We might not know about your specific business, but we can quickly learn about it and provide you the best content team to write about it. We produce content based on how your customers would learn about you and your offerings. We will tell you if we are not a good fit before we even get started.

How do I know if Mashy is a good fit for my company?

Currently, we have expertise in technology and service-based businesses. We focus on serving clients in the B2B space. We do not work with B2C companies.

How does marketing automation fit into my plan?

B2B companies with a sales cycle can greatly enhance the number of leads they collect and turn into customers with a marketing automation platform. While our monthly plans do not include marketing automation, we can help you understand the platforms available and if needed, help you integrate it into your website.

Do the plans allow for flexibility to match my internal team’s roles and responsibilities?

Absolutely. We fit where you need us to fit. For instance, if you have an expert on staff that writes tech-heavy blogs for engineers, we can focus on writing blogs from a business perspective. If you like being active on social media curating the news of the day, keep doing that and we will focus on industry best practices or original content. We will complement your team’s skillset, not disrupt it, and we will figure it out during onboarding.

Do you offer services that do not require a monthly fee?

Yes, we offer website design or redesign and inbound strategy services. These are project-based services that do not require a monthly commitment.