In a fast-paced world that seems to reinvent itself at whim, each new day requires agility and the ability to act and react to a dynamic marketplace. If your company isn’t able to keep up with such a frenetic pace, your message will be lost among the chatter of modern life. Fortunately, the very same technologies that quicken the world’s pulse can automate your marketing efforts, making the story you want to convey more immediate, specific, and relevant to your customer base.

A Tangled Web of Platforms

A modern marketing campaign is stitched together using seemingly countless sources, from old-fashioned mailers to Twitter, Facebook, and email. Collectively, they represent the lifeblood of your message. With such a splintered set of platforms, though, finding an efficient, convenient and reliable method to communicate can seem intimidating. However, thanks to the many marketing automation packages available, it doesn’t have to be complicated to deliver your content. In fact, with some simple tools, your company can keep its message personalized and on point using your audience’s preferred platforms.

Plug and Play

Whether you know it or not, you might already own the centerpiece to your automated marketing dreams. Most modern customer relationship management (CRM) suites integrate with third-party marketing software, essentially using the CRM as a hub from which your messages are sent. This is how you can customize both the message and the delivery method for each individual customer. The same technology is also capable of a broad-reaching approach that can target all of your customers. The most important factor is the open architecture many of these packages are built upon – this lets you tailor the entire process to your specific needs and message.

Who Do You Choose?

Although some of the larger software manufacturers have started designing and distributing marketing software, the majority of packages are from smaller, niche-type companies. When researching your different options, make sure that potential vendors provide excellent customer service and that their products work well with your existing CRM. Granted, you can always upgrade your CRM to fit the marketing automation software, but that’s usually a herculean task that calls for significant preparation.
Whether your message needs to be compacted to 140 characters (or less), or distributed into a mass email, marketing’s modern landscape requires that your company be nimble enough to accommodate your customers’ preferred platforms. With the proper combination of CRM and an automated marketing suite, communication can be as simple as sending a single text. Don’t let the confusing, breakneck speed of communication stifle your message when simple, effective, and efficient solutions exist.

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