Businesses know the importance of a blog, but when it comes to developing and implementing a strategy, many fall short. There is a common “build it and they will come” misconception that leads some businesses astray — this is the assumption that all you need to do is set up a blog, post a few mediocre articles, and watch the leads pour in. But as many businesses learn, there’s much more that goes into cultivating an effective content strategy. Here, we will delve into a few ideas that can help propel your blog into unprecedented success.

1. A Must-Have Checklist

If your biggest worry is that your content fails to engage readers, come up with a checklist and ensure each post makes the cut. For example, your checklist might include: Always give practical tips, avoid generic phrases, and provide a call to action. It’s useful to first do some research on your target audience to determine what kinds of content they are drawn to and what has worked in the past.

2. Timely and Targeted Posts

While the most critical component of a blog is high-quality content, there’s also something to be said for timely, targeted content. To incorporate timely and targeted posts into your content strategy, start by following industry news. By staying informed about what’s happening and what your readers are concerned about, you can publish headlines that your readers want to click. In addition, addressing timely issues helps you build a name for your brand and become a thought leader over time.

3. Choosing Base Notes

Selecting base notes and sticking with them can simplify your content strategy in the long term. An idea developed by marketing guru Doug Kessler, base notes are three primary “tones” or personality traits that your brand wants to project. He uses Innocent Juice as an example, a brand whose content always fits within the three base notes: simple, friendly, and silly. Pinpointing your brand’s tone can create salience, helping your audience get to know you faster.

4. Weekly Editions

Consulting business Agents of Efficiency launched #2tips4tues, a quick post of curated content each Tuesday. Its readers can now get nuggets of wisdom on topics they care about each week at the AoE blog. This is an example of how a repeated weekly theme can help you build an audience. If you can find an interesting way to implement this strategy, it serves as a method to get readers returning to your blog regularly.

If you’re not getting the traffic or engagement you seek, take another look at your content strategy. By adopting one of these methods, you can create a reliable routine that makes a bigger impact on your audience.

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