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Your dedicated team includes a marketing expert, designer, social media guru, and
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We manage your social media, write your blogs, and create premium content to attract and convert new visitors.


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Guidelines and Benchmarks for Marketing Professionals

Guidelines and Benchmarks for Marketing Professionals

What does the data say is the right size for each element of your marketing content? Learn the ideal length for Facebook posts, tweets, domain names, web page titles, blog posts, and more. Includes tips and ideas so you can maximize the content you produce.

The Mashy Blog

4 Reasons to Use Google Analytics in Your Website

Making business decisions with data is crucial. If sales and marketing professionals collect bad data, it will only lead to a bad result. Garbage in. Garbage out. Since Google Analytics launched their service in November 2005, it has set itself apart as the standard...

Why Longer Content Converts Better

It's no secret that longer content has value. Lengthier-than-average blog posts (and, for the sake of clarity, when we say "long" we're talking in the region of 1000–1500 words) are known to achieve more social shares, to gain more backlinks and to lead to a...

Automate Your Marketing and Watch Your Business Go Light Speed

In a fast-paced world that seems to reinvent itself at whim, each new day requires agility and the ability to act and react to a dynamic marketplace. If your company isn't able to keep up with such a frenetic pace, your message will be lost among the chatter of modern...

The Link Between Content Marketing and Big Data

The number of brands utilizing content marketing will be higher than ever this year. How can your brand leverage content marketing to move ahead of the competition? Big data is the answer, and you probably already have access to all of the data you need. Customer Data...

4 Underrated Content Strategies for Business Blogs

Businesses know the importance of a blog, but when it comes to developing and implementing a strategy, many fall short. There is a common "build it and they will come" misconception that leads some businesses astray — this is the assumption that all you need to do is...

Inbound Marketing Strategy 101

As content marketing becomes more and more critical to the success of any business, traditional marketing plans that rely solely on paid media and sales calls to drive growth aren't enough. The most successful brands are balancing those strategies with thoughtful...

Tips for Developing Better Buyer Personas

Buyer personas are a key element in making sure that your inbound marketing strategies are working. Basically, they represent fictional and generalized versions of your target customers. They help your marketing, sales and customer service staff understand how to...

What We Do

Blog and Article Writing

Experienced writers who understand your industry will craft a steady-stream of blogs designed to attract and stimulate your ideal buyer. Graphic designers will create the visuals for the blog and social promotion within your brand standards.

Social Media Management

Your social media guru will manage your social presence across platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn with up to 6 posts per weekday. Your social presence will always be fresh and consistent with a blend of promotional, educational, and curated posts.

Premium Content

Blogs and social media posts attract visitors to your website. But, you also need a mix of other content formats such as case studies, infographics, and slide presentations. Each quarter, Mashy Credits are allocated to your account so you can purchase the additional marketing services you need.

Analytics and Reporting

Our social media and Google Analytics reports are beautiful and easy-to read. They show top-level metrics, statistics, and progress. They are delivered weekly and monthly so everyone on the team can see how inbound is performing.

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